Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the application process like?

A. You will fill out an online application first. Then, MedMentor staff will contact you to schedule an in-person interview. A background check and character reference check will also be conducted. For more information about becoming a medmentor, please contact our President and CEO, Cole Jackson, at cole@medmentorcincy.org or 513-293-4199.

Q. How long will it take for me to be assigned to a child?

A. That depends on how many children are on the waiting list and whether you are a compatible match with one of the children. It could take weeks to several months. It also depends on whether your availability fits the need of a particular child.

Q. How long does our match last?

A. That depends on the child’s needs and the agreement of all parties. We feel that a one-year commitment should be the minimum length of a match relationship. We hope many will last longer, and the friendships continue for a life time!

Q. How often do we interact with each other?

A. It is expected that you communicate with your mentee weekly (text, call, FaceTime, etc.). Additionally, you will spend a minimum of three hours per month in-person with your mentee. You, along with your mentee and his or hers parents, will decide what activities you do together. As a way to build trust early on, we recommend that you keep a consistent schedule of outings. MedMentor staff will assist you should you have any questions about your relationship along the way.

Q. How exactly does MedMentor support me along the way?

A. Once you are assigned to a child, MedMentor staff will be in regular contact with each party to provide assistance and give feedback. We will also help you with ideas for activities, guidance for handling possible difficult situations, and anything else that is needed at that time.

Q. What if there are no children with my condition on the waiting list?

A. If all parties agree to it, you may have a different medical condition than your mentee. This should not discourage you from volunteering because we also take into consideration your preferences as well as your personality, likes, dislikes, background, and location when matching you with a child. With that being said, you certainly have the option of waiting until we identify a child with the same condition.